Puppets In The Pulpit Script

Program starts: Intro by Mark.
Then I come in, singing. (hold Harry)

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world.
Please, won't you come on in?…
Now I’m so glad that we have
time to visit now and then.
Just step into my heart…
and leave your cares behind.

Welcome to my world…
it’s built with you in mind.
So, knock and the door will be opened.
Just seek, and surely you will find.
Ask and you will be given…
your very own key to this world of mine.
Now, you will find me here.
My arms are open wide…
‘cuz I’m waiting just for you.
so won’t you come inside?

Oh my… there’s stories to tell and songs to sing.
There’s laughter and tears plus all you could bring.
Of course, pizza and puppets and fun with a friend…
You know…? It’s so good to come here again and again and again!

And you will find me here.
My arms are open wide…
‘cuz I’m waiting just for you…
please… Won’t you come inside.
Aw… come on!
And welcome… yes, welcome to my world.

Like the song says… welcome to my world, one that allows me to play with dolls and tells stories and pretend. A world I enjoy so much, especially when I can share it with you. So me, and all my friends hope you will enter into the fun of pretending with us… of letting the kid in you come out to play, no matter what your age. Otherwise, I’m going to be up here having a good time all by myself, and that’s not nearly as much fun. So all my critters say welcome to our world… do come in… and let’s see what happens next!

And the first thing that happens next means I leave… so Excuse me just for a minute while I take Harry back stage. OK little friend, here’s your dish of kibble, like I promised. right under the organ bench.  OK… that’s a good puppy.

(re-enter …with Henrietta)

Well where was I? Oh yes…
Puppets in the Pulpit… that’s the program. Well the title indicates  some kind of pulpit action… but don’t worry! No more sermons! Because today, we’ve already had time for worship,  and prayer, and praise…AND  time for pizza… Now here we are back in this beautiful place.

But, I bring with me someone many of you know… my friend Henrietta, the famous Presbyterian singing chicken, who did not get any pizza, and in fact doesn’t want any pizza, because most chickens don’t care for pizza, but nevertheless is hungry for some kind of lunch, which I anticipated and prepared for. (perch) But before she eats, she insists on singing grace, as she does every day. So with your kind indulgence, we will pause for a moment in the program and wait quietly while Henrietta gets ready for her lunch. And just so you know what’s going on, I will translate for her as she prays…Here’s your dish, dear. (music)

Chicken’s Grace

Thank you Lord for birdseed sweet
Thank you Lord for the bugs I eat
And thank you Lord, that chicken’s can sing
Thank you Lord, for every little thing.

OK dear… I’m sure God appreciated your prayer, bccause He listens to all of us when we pray…. all creatures great and small. Now, I’ll take you backstage. I’ve got your dish,  and the rest of your lunch is right up there in the choir loft. So you can peck to your heart’s content! Folks, I’ll be right back!

(take chicken off-stage)
cluck cluck cluck.
Yes I know you’re very hungry!
(Returning to stage)

As I was saying, we’ve had some lunch, and now we are back in this beautiful place again. Our church… Of course all churches are beautiful and special to the people who worship there,. And like most churches, ours has incorporated ways to make music, and places for the congregation to sit, and restrooms and drinking fountain. And in some churches, there may be special windows, or banners, or other decorations, all meant in some way to enhance our worship. Oh let’s not forget a place for the preacher… like this pulpit for instance.

Now wait just a minute! Billy… what are you doing,  up here in the very spot where the preacher preaches?

After all, this is an important place in our church. It’s where we hear about God’s word, and what it means for us. (pulpit) Are you going to preach to us?     Teach a special lesson? You’re not just playing around. are you?     A little boy wouldn’t do that! Something important to say? (whispers) Oooooh…. something important to sing!?!  (whispers) For everybody to sing!  Well OK…. we can do that. You just tell us what to sing, and we’ll sing it!  Right? (to audience)  Tell you what! We’ll just copy you. Do you have music? OK then. Heeeeeeere’s Brother Billy….

You Can’t Get to Heaven

Oh you can’t get to heaven in a rocking chair
‘cuz the Lord don’t want no lazy folks there.
I ain’t gonna  grieve my Lord no more.

On roller skates… roll right past those Pearly Gates.
In an old Ford car… won’t go that far.

And if you get there before I do
Just dig a hole and pull me through!

And that’s the end, St. Peter said.
Then he closed the gate, and he went to bed.

Thanks Brother Billy, for those wise words. I’m going to let you go back with Harry and Henrietta now. Will you check the seed supply and the water bowl for me? Thank you. (to people) I’ll be right back.

(get Little Lamb)

Well look who I found back there, all curled up so cozy in his blanket. This is Little Lamb.  He and I want to tell you a story today… it’s his favorite story. He likes to pretend it’s all about him. (rocking chair) We wrote this story way back in 1980, didn’t Little Lamb? And we put the music on a little cassette tape, and used it lots of times. Now, the music sounds kinda scratchy, cuz it’s old, but… that’s the only music we have. So we just keep using it! This is a story we tell the kids. I usually sit in the rocker, just like this, and all the kids gather around. But today, all of you are my kids, and it’s time for a story. (lamb in blanket/sit in rocker)

Music please…

The Good Shepherd

This is a story that Jesus told a long time ago. I read about it in the Bible. It’s called The Good Shepherd. Little Lamb, are you ready to help me tell the story? Baaa!…

There once was a boy, he was a shepherd. He took care of one hundred sheep. Each morning he’d take them out over the hill, down to the meadow to eat. And he stood on the hill to guard them, while they ate the grass down below, and all the little lambs played in the sunshine until it was time to go.

But this little lamb took a walk one day. This little lamb went far away from all the other lambs in the meadow, and the shepherd standing on the hill. This little lamb thought he would find sweeter tasting clover… in another meadow, greener grass, and the sun always shining over. So this little lamb took a walk one day. This little lamb went far away from all the other lambs in the meadow, and the shepherd standing on the hill. My shepherd on the hill. Baaaa….

Now this young boy, this shepherd, he loved and cared for his flock, watching for danger, and ready to help if a lamb got stuck in the rock. And after a day in the meadow, when they were all home to stay he would count his sheep to make very sure that none had gone astray.

But this little lamb took a walk one day. This little lamb ran off to play. He forgot about the lambs in the meadow and the shepherd standing on the hill. And when the day was over, it was so dark, and he was scared. He didn’t know which way to go, and he wondered if anybody cared… that this little lamb took a walk one day. This little lamb ran off to play. Now he couldn’t find the lambs in the meadow, or the shepherd standing on the hill. Where’s my shepherd on the hill?   Baaaa Baaaa…

Meanwhile, the shepherd boy was counting. And then, he counted once more. Why… I only count ninety-nine sheep, he said. I had a hundred before. And he ran back out in the cold, dark night to look for one little stray. And he never stopped looking ‘till he found that lamb that lost his way.

Now this little lamb who took a walk one day, this little lamb who lost his way is back with all the lambs in the meadow, and the shepherd standing on the hill. For every little lamb there’s a shepherd, so when he’s lost, he will be found. For every little lamb there’s someone to keep him safe and sound. And this little lamb who took a walk one day, this little lamb who lost his way is back with all the lambs in the meadow, and the shepherd standing on the hill. Back with my shepherd on the hill. Baaa… Baaa… Baaa…

And that’s the story of the Good Shepherd. A good shepherd takes care of his sheep, doesn’t he? Just like God takes care of us.

Well thanks Little Lamb. Now why don’t you curl up right over here, and I’ll go on with the program. I just need to get …..  oh no! He got out of his cage again! He is really getting very good at that!

OK everybody… be on the look out for a loose bird. I don’t see him up there. How about between the pews. Anybody spot him? I’ll check back here again. (pause)  Ah-ha! There you are. Come on (organ noise) you can’t play there. Come on out…. let’s go. (bring Stretch out into view. Stop near font.)

I’d like you all to meet a rare bird… the rarest in my puppet closet anyway! This is Stretch. (bird starts drinking from font) No no, you can’t do that. (bird splashes, tries to sit in font) No, not that either! Stretch, this is not a bird bath, or a drinking fountain, or a swimming pool This is a place where people get baptized. And when they get baptized, that means they’re part of God’s family. Come on out of there. If you’re thirsty, there’s some water for you back in your cage.

Oh my, you are soaking wet. Does someone have a towel I can borrow? Oh thanks! Now let me dry you off….  after all… you’re next on the program. You can’t have wet feathers! (shakes, fluffs, preens) Ugh! Thanks for the shower! Now I need the towel too.  All right, come on over here. (music stand) Hurry… your music is starting!


Y:             Nice group we’ve got here….
P             Yep ...nice group indeed.    When do they bring the food out?
Y              Food?   Are you kidding?   I brought you here to entertain.
 P             I know, I know, but I’m so HUNGRY!!!!!  I’ve got to eat something…
Y              Well…Try not to think about it….
P             Oh, okay….Right.
Y              Okay folks, now today I’d like you to meet a very talented bird.
This is Stretch and he would like to…
P             I can’t help it…..I’m SO HUNGRY!!!!
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I could eat most anything,
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I’ve just got to EAT something!
A big sandwich with lots of fries,
A pizza and some chocolate pies,
Hot dogs, milkshakes, donuts too,
I’m so hungry, what can I do?
Oh my!
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I could eat most anything,
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry, I’ve just got to EAT something! Ohhhhhh…

Y              Stop it right now.  After the program I’ll get you something
to eat. 
P             But…but I can’t wait until then.
Y              You’ll have to.  Look out there. What do you see?
P             A whole bunch of people.
Y              That’s right… and what do you suppose they’re thinking?
P             They’re thinking that… they’re hungry too!  
Y              No…no, that’s not what I meant.  
P             What did you mean?
Y              These people are your audience. They’re waiting for….. 
P             OH, The pizza delivery man!  Nooo!
You know they have a 2 for 1 special on….
Y              No… they want you to entertain them!
P             They want me to entertain them?
Y              Yes. You could sing them a song…
P             Okay…..
I’m so hungry,        
I’m so hungry,
I could eat most anything,
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry…
                (put your hand over puppet’s mouth)…
P             MmmMMmm…
Y              I think it’s better if we don’t talk about it any more.  OK?
P             Hmm..Hmmm  (shakes head yes).
Y              Okay then… (holding hand just below puppet’s face) Now as I was
saying…. Stretch is a very talented….
P             (smacks lips)…  your hand is tasty!
Y              (wipe your hand on your clothes) Yuck….
P             Well, I’m sorry… It’s just that I was so hungry that….
Y              (interrupting) You need to stop using those words.
P             What words?
Y              I’m Hungry….
P             ME TOO!
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I could eat most…
 (put your hand over puppet’s mouth again)
P             MMMMMMM
Y              Are you finished?

P             (shakes head yes with hand still on mouth)   Ummm hummm
Y              Somehow, I don’t believe you.  (To audience) Folks, I don’t know what’s gotten into Stretch.  He’s not usually this way.  He…
P             Slurp, slurp..
Y              Are you doing what I think you’re doing? (to puppet hand still
over mouth)
P             Slurp…slurp….
Y              Are you licking my hand?
P             Slurp… mmmmMMMM!!!
Y              (pulling hand off and wiping it again)  HEY!
P             Finger Food!!!!  Yum, Yum!  
Y              Okay that’s it, I’m going to have to put you back in your cage.  I’ve never been so embarrassed…EVER!
P             Please don’t… I’ll be good.  Please!  
Y              I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you, Stretch!
P             It’s just that every time I think about food I get so ….
Y              (hold hand up to stop him)   Ah ah ah….don’t you say it now…
P             Okay.   I won’t.
Y              Just talk about something besides food. 
P             Anything?

Y              Anything… EXCEPT FOOD.
P             Anything except …..
Y              (interrupting) Shhhh….don’t say it.
P             Well, okay…. how about the weather?
Y              That would be great.
P             Today’s weather …..makes me so HUNGRY!
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I could eat most anything,
I’m so hungry,
I’m so hungry,
I’ve just got to… 
(you are looking angrily at the puppet/slowly turns toward you) 
Y              (finger in his face)    I’ll give you one more chance.

P             (to you)  Oh, you’re a… (turns to audience)  peach.  
Y              I mean it, one more chance. 
P             Thank you…we do make a great … pear.  
Y              If you say another food word….
P             I’ll be in a real…. pickle!  
Y              You can’t do it can you?   Try counting to ten.
P             Count to ten?
Y              It will keep you from thinking about food.
P             Okay I’ll do it.  Thank you so much.  You’re the greatest….You’re as
sweet as…
Y              (interrupting) Ah ah ah….just count to ten.
P             Okay I’ll try it…..1 – 2 – 3……. Hey!   It’s working!
Y              See what I mean?   Keep going.
P             4-5-6…..I GOT ALL THE WAY TO SIX!!!!
Y              Keep going…you’re doing it!

P             7-8…. 8…8….    I ATE pizza – I ate cake – I ate Chocolate …I ate
(put hand over puppet’s mouth)
P             MMMMMMM…
Y              Sorry folks  I’ve tried everything I can….
P             (puppet breaks free)  CAN!?    Can of beans!   Can of Soup!   Can of
…..(put hand over puppet’s mouth)
P             MMMMMMM…
Y              Stop! You’re driving me NUTS!
P             (pulls away)  Nuts!  I love nuts…almonds, pecans, cashews….
       Okay…I give up, I give up!  Come on, I’ll get you something to eat.

(coming back with Suzi) Good thing I have some left-over pizza back there. He loves pizza. Even when it’s cold! And I found someone else back there who really enjoys pizza too. But only certain kinds….

Right Suzi? (puppet perch) A little music please!

On Top of My Pizza (duet)

On top of my pizza
All covered with sauce
Could not find the mushrooms
I think they got lost. (sing- she thinks they got lost)

I looked in the closet
I looked in the sink
I looked in the cup that
held my cola drink. (sing- her cola drink)

I looked in the saucepan
Right under the lid
No matter where I looked
Those mushrooms stayed hid (sing- those mushrooms stayed hid)

Next time you make pizza (speak- yes???)
I’m begging you please (speak- she’s down on her knees!)
Do not give me mushrooms (speak- no mushrooms?)
But just plain old cheese! (sing- she wants plain ol’ cheese)

Oh  Suzi. That was fun! I like to sing duets with you! And I’ll try to remember about no mushrooms next time.

Now we are going to take a little break, (about 10 minutes) and then we’ll be back for the rest of the program! So here’s your chance to get up and stretch and chat a bit, and we’ll get things all set up for what comes next. Remember… When you hear the music start, intermission’s over.

Switch scenery… set up for skit.

Music: Spring is Bustin’ Out Over
(intro 12 measures before conversation begins)

(walk to puppet perch during conversation)

Well Blossom, Spring is here!
Yes, I know!
You’re not a little seed any more!
Yes, I know!
You’re a beautiful flower.
Yes, I know!
Sounds like you know a lot of things.
Yes I do!
Are you ready for the song?
Yes I am!
All right then… here we go…

Spring is bustin’ out all over,
all over the desert and the hill.
Cactus a’bloomin’…
bumble bees a’zoomin’
and the breeze… blowin’ where it will!
Spring is bustin’ out all over,
Take… a look and you will find
critters that creep…
birdies that peep…
are glad to leave chilly days behind,
because it’s Spring,
Spring Spring Spring
Just because it’s Spring Spring Spring!

ELLEN: What else happens in the Spring?
BLOSSOM: Oh, lots of stuff when Spring comes!
ELLEN: For example…

Spring is bustin’ out all over,
Javalina’s looking for a mate.
Coyotes a’callin’ …
sneaky snakes a’crawlin’ …
And itzy bitzy spiders sit and wait!
Spring is bustin’ out all over.
The dry wash is lookin’ mighty wet.
Road- runners runnin’…
lizards a’sunnin…
and packrat… sees what he can get.
Because it’s Spring,
Spring Spring Spring
Just because it’s Spring Spring Spring!

ELLEN: Now shall we tell them the best part?
BLOSSOM: OK. The best part!
ELLEN: Then here’s the good news!

Spring is bustin’ out all over
We know it always happens here…… and yet.
We hope for it… wait for it….
dream of it….  pray for it!
….even try to guess when it will hit.
Spring is bustin’ out all over.
And like… so many times before
The world… keeps a’turnin’
And God… hopes we’re learnin’
to love… one another more and more.
And now it’s Spring.
Spring Spring Spring
Just because it’s Spring Spring Spring……!

Well thank you Blossom, for helping me with that song. Our last….
I like that song!
Yes, I do too. And now we are going to….
I like it a whoooooole bunch!
Well good! And now….
(singing) Spring is bustin’ out all over! All over….
Blossom, that’s enough. The folks know it’s Spring and we are….
(singing) Just because its Spring  Spring  Spr….
That’s a good flower. Let’s temporarily transplant you right over here to the pulpit mic, and you will have the perfect view of what comes next.
(remove puppet perch while talking)
And what comes next? Something that requires more hands than I have, so with a the help of my friends, we finish our program with a little glimpse of springtime out in our very own desert.

Skit – The Key (no music)


And that’s the end of the story.
Thank you to all the little critters and the big people who helped them tell … the story of The Key.

Suzi!  Suzi, come on back out. Everybody’s waiting!
(bring Suzi out and carry her as you move about during song)

Now as our program draws to a close, Suzi and I would like you to take something home with you. It’s something for you to remember… right Suzi? (nods) It’s something wonderful…

Music – Oh How He Loves You and Me

Oh how He loves you and me.
Oh how He loves you and me.
He gave His life,
What move could He give?
Oh how He loves you.
Oh how he loves you.
Oh how He loves you and me.

Oh how He loves you and me.
Oh how He loves you and me.
He gave His life,
What more could He give?
Oh how He loves you.
Oh how he loves me.
Oh how He loves you and me.

How much does Jesus love me.
A whole bunch.
Does He love me when I’m a good girl?
He surely does.
What about when I’m not so good?
Still love you.
No matter what?
No matter what.
So Jesus loves me a whole bunch,  good or bad, no matter what, forever and ever?
For ever and ever!
I’m glad.
So am I.

Oh how He loves you and me.
Oh how He loves you and me.
He gave His life,
What move could He give?
Oh how He loves you.
Oh how he loves you.
Oh how He loves you and me.

Well,  speaking for all my little friends, my big friends,  and myself, thank you for coming. We hope you have enjoyed Puppets in the Pulpit.  Now drive safely home, and God bless!

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